Updated as of May 2024.

Currently, I’m working on my art practice and doing what I can to improve with respect to my writing. Mostly, this means I’ve been doing writing exercises and working diligently to complete pieces of original fiction as well as trying things I’ve never done before, including writing games and building my own website.

I’ve begun submitting my fiction as well and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m really making my artistic work a priority in my life after much too long spent goofing around.

My home is currently overrun with cats, as we recently took in my mom’s cat who got pregnant. She wound up having six kittens. It’s been a wild, but joyful time watching them grow.

recently enjoyed media

film: neptune frost
tv: interview with the vampire
literature: exordia
webnovel: how to survive as a villain
webtoon: opium

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