to hell with it

25 May 2024

I’ve been putting off making a blog post for a couple of days, weeks, forever agos now, for myriad reasons, mostly having to do with feeling like I have nothing to say… at least in blog form. In every other possible medium, there’s a whole lot I want to talk about, but blogs are kind of intimidating. So, in the spirit of saying to hell with it, I figured the best thing to do would be to simply make the post and get it over with since I was never going to come up with an amazing first post anyway.

Much like I’m saying to hell with it here, this whole website is a bit of a to hell with it project. Releasing art into the world when such hugeparts of the world have become hostile to it is a to hell with it project. This has been a year of to hell with its, after years of talking about all the things I want to do when the conditions are ideal.

The thing is, cliche as it might be, trite though it absolutely is, it’s true. “Do it scared, but do it” hasn’t really been my problem for a long time. Under fannish pseuds, I post a lot of things. It doesn’t feel like fear, not putting my stuff out there, though I suppose “do it bad and post it anyway” could probably be argued to be a variation on that. Mostly, it’s felt like ennui and lacking thoughtful things to say.

But no more. I intend to post here and post art elsewhere and share it, even if only a small number of people see it. Little by little, I hope to build this into something cool, something I can be proud of. Something I’ve definitely said to hell with it about a few times.

Anyway. Here, you’ll likely find my thoughts on various media, speculative flavored media especially, talk about writing and art, maybe a bit about my non-writing hobbies, whatever might come up. Thanks for checking my page out. I’m always stoked about getting emails and finding cool people on what few social media sites I like to play on, so I’d love to hear from you!

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